AISTRO-2. In-Line / Iron removal

In-line iron reducing and water softening filter cartridge with FDA-approved ion exchange resin.

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Through its accurate combination of double bed media, cartridges perform a pH adjustment of your drinking water followed by a reduction of iron and manganese concentration, diminishing the metallic taste of your drinking water with NSF-approved advanced blend filtration media for more effective water treatment.Iron in a concentration as low as 0,3 mg/l can become a source of yellow to dark-brown stains often found in sinks, toilets and other plumbing fixtures. If iron is present in detectable amounts it can ruin the taste of tea, coffee and beverages.


Aquafilter offers AISTRO-2 In-line Softener and iron reducing cartridges (AISTRO-2, AISTRO-2-QC and AISTRO-2-QM) suitable for POU (Point of Use) installations. Through its double media consisted of ion exchange-based resins, AISTRO-2 cartridges effectively reduce water hardness as well as decrease iron concentration. In case your feed water contains a high concentration of suspended matter, AISTRO-2 is commonly preceded by a Sediment filter to avoid a detriment of the cartridge performance. AISTRO-2 fits most 1/4” water lines and requires no additional tools for its installation.