EXCITO-B. Under-counter water filtration systems

5 stage (UF) ultrafiltration systems system in compact slim case base on Quick Male connector cartridge type, made of NSF certified components.
Package contains: cartridges AIPRO-20M-QM, AISTRO-2-QM, AICRO-3-QM, AICRO-4-QM,TLCF-2T, (for more specific car

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Aquafilter offers EXCITO-B 5-Stage Under-Counter Water Filtration system in an aesthetic casing with UF membrane. System is equipped with modern QM type in-line cartridges which allow quick and easy replacement. Through an accurate combination of prefiltration, water softening, Granular Activated Carbons with special KDF® Media and Ultrafiltration treatments it ensures a continuous supply of clean and fresh drinking water.

Main features:

Sediment removal (AIPRO-20M-QM)

Water softening and iron removal (AISTRO-2-QM)
Chlorine and organic matter removal (AICRO-3-QM)
Reduces heavy metals concentration (AICRO-4-QM)
Bacteria and viruses elimination and small particles removal (TLCHF-2T)
Sets include: AIPRO-20-QM, AISTRO-2-QM, AICRO-3-QM, AICRO-4-QM cartridges, TLCHF-2T UF membrane, FXFCH17-C faucet, feed water connector 1/2″, tubing, instruction and color box.