FP3-HJ-K1N Two and three stages under-counter water filtration systems

4 stage undercounter water filtration systems with (UF) ultrafiltration membrane, made of NSFand WRAS certified components. Package contains: first stage transparent sump with sediment 5 micron cartridge (FCPS5), secend stage white sump with special softn

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Aquafilter offers FP3-HJ-K1N 4-Stage Water Filtration System with UF membrane suitable for POU (Point of Use) installations. Through an accurate combination of pre-filtration, softening, iron reducing, activated carbon with special media and ultrafiltration treatments it ensures a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water.


20 micron-rating Sediment filter FCPS20 (Stage 1)
Softening and iron reducing cartridge FCCST2 (Stage 2)
Granular Activated Carbon+ KDF® media cartridge FCCBKDF (Stage 3)
Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane TLCHF-2T (Stage 4)