FCPS Sediment-antibacterial filter cartridge 10″

Melt-blown antimicrobial/antibacterial polypropylene filter cartridge, treated with BACINIX Nanosilver Technology, manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene,10″ x 2 1/2″.

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The construction of this pure polypropylene, surfactant-free depth filter ensures low pressure drops, with exceptional dirt holding capabilities. ACS-1 series uses no resin binders, lubricants, antistatic or release agents or other chemical additives.The one-step manufacturing process continuously extrudes and thermally bonds pure polypropylene microfibres into a complex filter matrix. Cartridges are characterized by excellent sediment absorption of sand, silt, rust and suspended solids from potable water.

Bacteriostatic polypropylene spun cartridges. Made using “melt-blown” technique. Cartridges contain antibacterial agent, nanosilver based – BACinix™. Cartridges were made from polypropylene with an addition of antimicrobial agent based on silver. They remove sediments such as sand, silt, rust and suspended solids. BACinix™ nanosilver technology protects the cartridges from microbiological growth, increasing cartridges longevity. Products dedicated to cold water filtration.

Available sizes: 10″, 20″
Available micron rating: 5, 20,