AIFIR200. In-Line / Mineralizing,alkalizer and ionizer cartridge

IONIZING In-line water cartridge in transparent housing. Contains a mixture of bioceramic media, which increases pH* and lowers ORP down .Enriches water with calcium and magnesium, essential for human organism. Utilizes BACinix™ nanosilver technology, whi

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Through an accurate negative ionized ceramic media, AIFIR2000 provides water with negatively charged atoms and complex particles (i.e. higher number of electrons than usual in your tap water). Studies have indicated the potential health benefits of negative ionized water, easily absorbed by the human body that can positively affect many physiological processes such as aging, stress, balancing pH level of body fluids and reducing cancer development.


Aquafilter offers AIFIR-200 In-line alkalizer cartridge suitable for POU (Point of Use) installations. Through an accurate combination of different bioceramic media which increase pH level and reduce ORP, AIFIR-200 allows the obtaining of alkalized water. Several studies have identified the health benefits of drinking alkalized water and the findings are a follows; improving conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, fatigue, insomnia as well as stress, immune system functions, blood circulation and mental alertness of the human body. Additionally, AIFIR-200 uses BACINIXTM nanosilver technology, enhancing protection against microbiological growth in the cartridge and a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water.