10′ antibacterial carbon block cartridge

Special high quality 9 7/8″ x 2 1/2″ antibacterial carbon block cartridge made of mix media activated coconut, bituminous carbons and other advanced blend filtration media for more effective water treatment with antimicrobial/antibacterial nanosilver tech

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ACC-4 Series cartridges have a high porosity design that helps prevent the cartridge from plugging before its adsorption capability is exhausted, maximizing the utilization of the carbon while maintaining low pressure drop. ACC-4 series Aquafilter carbon Block filter cartridge for VOC reduction is manufactured by extrusion, using mix blend GAC granular activated carbon media for improved reduction of chlorine taste and odor, and high adsorptive capacity. The 5-micron carbon block and is ideal for use as a reverse osmosis prefilter or postfilter.

Aquafilter offers FCCBL-G-AB Water softening and iron reducing cartridge suitable for POU (Point of Use) and POE (Points of Entry) installations. Through its accurate block activated carbon media, FCCBL-G-AB significantly reduces the concentration of chlorine and organic compounds (VOC’s), improving the taste and odor of your drinking water. Additionally, FCCBL-G-AB is provided with nanosilver BACINIXTM, an antimicrobial agent which confers protection against bacteria and viruses, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water.